Notes from the Church Health Team

Notes from the Church Health Team:

Bread for the Day

Looking for a good devotional for the year 2016? Augsburg Fortress offers Bread for the Day, 'a wonderful resource for your daily encounter with the word' where 'you will be nourished, encouraged and sustained.' 'Your faith will be deepened, your witness empowered, and your church enriched.'

Bread for the Day is a daily-use devotional resource filled with rich treasures:

  • A brief scripture reading (NRSV texts) for each day following the daily lectionary
  • The devotions begin January 1, 2016
  • A prayer and hymn for each day
  • Brief yet helpful introductions to the seasons
  • Table graces/meal prayers for the holidays and seasons
  • Household blessings for special times throughout the year (for example: Blessing for the New Year, Blessing of the Home at Epiphany, Prayer for Placing Palms in the Home, Blessing of the Easter Meal, Blessings for Mother's and Father's Day, Remembering Those Who Have Died, Lighting the Advent Wreath, Blessing of the Christmas Tree)
  • Monthly pages for recording prayer requests
  • Notes on festivals and commemorations
  • Simplified forms for morning and evening prayer
  • Waking prayers and bedtime prayers, including prayers with children

Cost: $9 (discounted to $7.16 if 10 or more books are ordered) Interested? Call the church office to put your name on the order list. The order will be submitted in early November. When the book arrives, you can pay when you pick it up.

Devotional Booklets

Newsletter, September 2015

This month begins a new initiative for the congregation focusing on increasing our Passionate Spirituality - faith that is lived out with commitment, fire and enthusiasm. Passionate Spirituality happens when our relationship with God, our spiritual intimacy, leads to a strong conviction that God will act in powerful ways. One way to strengthen that relationship is through group or personal devotions. Devotions consist of reading a short passage (biblical or otherwise), reflecting on it perhaps through meditation, discussion or journaling, and then praying on it. There are many opportunities for devotions. Most meetings at UiF now begin with devotions. Devotional booklets (including large print) offering daily devotional passages are available at church each quarter for your use at home. The UiF web site has a link to a daily prayer and devotion and many more are available online. Devotional books, some aimed at specific people or age groups, are available at your bookstore and library. And now a devotion written by one of our own will be included, as available, in our monthly newsletter. As you read Carolyn's devotion this month look for that spark of fire and enthusiasm to write your own devotion for publication. If it is there, contact Pam Marino and start writing! We look forward to hearing from you.

Gift Based Ministry - Wednesday Mornings 10:00 AM October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Newsletter, September 2014

Join the 40 people who have already completed the seminar and are on their way to using their gifts in ministry at United in Faith. Sign up for this 5 week seminar on the clipboard at the table outside the sanctuary and then obtain the book, The 3 Colors of Ministry, either before the session starts from Jeanne in the church office or at the first session of the seminar.

Do you already have the book and are working on it on your own or can't quite get started on it? You are encouraged to sign up for this seminar lead by an experienced leader who will help make sense of the material and answer questions. The interactions during the class with other participants is invaluable. If you wish to pass on this opportunity now and continue on your own, you can still report your results. See Pam Marino for a results reporting form.

Gift Based Ministry - Make an Appointment for Gift Counseling

Newsletter, September 2014

For those who have completed the Gifts Assessment seminar and have their results - Change Compass and Manifest and Latent Gifts - you are now ready to learn how your gifts can be put to use at United in Faith. Based on your gifts, skills and interests, you will explore ministries and committees with requirements that match your characteristics. You will evaluate your current work to see if it matches your characteristics. You will then have an opportunity to explore opportunities by contacting the leaders of areas of interest. Through this process we hope to have people doing things they are well suited for, making sure we aren't trying to put square pegs in round holes. Remember, God has given United in Faith everything it needs. We just need to uncover where it all is!

Jane Schira is now taking appointments for Gift Counseling. You can reach Jane at 773-505-8204 or

News from Church Health Team

Newsletter, September 2014

The results of our June Natural Church Development (NCD) survey are in and United in Faith again has reason to celebrate!

As you may recall the results are an indication of the health of the congregation as measured by 8 different factors. Two factors scored lower than in our previous survey in February 2012 and are also lower than the average for all US churches: Empowering Leadership and Need Oriented Evangelism. The six other factors all saw gains and are above the average for all US churches: Gift Based Ministry (which continues as our greatest strength), Passionate Spirituality (which once again is our minimum factor), Effective Structures, Inspiring Worship Service, Holistic Small Groups, and Loving Relationships. Our overall average has also risen and is above average.

These are very positive results considering the pastoral vacancy we are experiencing. Efforts lead by of the Church Health Team over the last 5 years focusing on Passionate Spirituality and Gift Based Ministry have had an impact. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the health of UiF!

A closer look at the score for Passionate Spirituality shows that of the 4 components of Passionate Spirituality (Experiencing God, Passion for Church, Passion for Devotions, Spiritual Interconnectiveness), Passion for Devotions has the lowest score of this factor and in fact of all components in all factors.

In the coming months the team will be looking at ways to strengthen this component. Look for future articles and announcements from the team. In the meantime, when was the last time your picked up one of the devotional books available at the entrances to the building? These are available for each quarter of the year. Get a jump start on increasing your passion for devotions by starting your personal practice of devotions today. Or if you already do this, why not share with someone your favorite devotional websites or material and why this is an important practice for you. We invite you to take this first step.

News from Gift Based Ministry

Newsletter, July/August 2014

Have you seen Moses lately? If you have been to church lately you have seen many of us who are Moses. In fact overall our church can be characterized as Moses. What's that

about? The Gift Assessment process enlightens you as to what Biblical character you most align with according to your level of wisdom, commitment and power. Moses is heavy into wisdom and commitment but his power is lacking. Many of us can identify with this and some even evolve into the 'burned out believer'. We try to do it all alone when we would be more successful if we worked together with others. The Gift Assessment process will help you to see what steps to take to become more effective in the kingdom of God by strengthening your weakest tendencies and utilizing all three characteristics - wisdom, commitment and power.

So are you a Moses too? Or a Thomas or Martha or Mary or Peter or Jonah? Or perhaps you are Christ-like with all characteristics equal (yes, we do have a few of those!). Plan to attend the next Gift Assessment seminars in the Fall to find out. Seminar details will be available in September.

Make an Appointment for Gift Counseling!

Newsletter, June 2014

For those who have completed the Gifts Assessment seminar and have their results - Change Compass and Manifest and Latent Gifts - you are now ready to learn how your gifts can be put to use at United in Faith.

Based on your gifts, skills and interests, you will explore ministries and committees with requirements that match your characteristics. You will evaluate your current work to see if it matches your characteristics. You will then have an opportunity to explore opportunities by contacting the leaders of areas of interest.

Through this process we hope to have people doing things they are well suited for, making sure we aren't trying to put square pegs in round holes. Remember, God has given United in Faith everything it needs. We just need to uncover where it all is!

Jane Schira is now taking appointments for Gift Counseling. You can reach Jane at 773-505-8204 or

Notes from the Church Health Team

Newsletter, June 2014

Ten people are currently discovering their gifts through Gift Assessment seminars and book study. We are anxious to see what their gifts are and how they can be put to use here at United in Faith. Did you know that not only will people have ministries suggested to them based on their gifts during Gift Counseling but ministries will also be able to search our database of people and gifts when they are looking for the right person with the right gifts? More details will be coming on this feature of Gift Based Ministry.

Still waiting to discover your gifts? Our next Gift Assessment seminars will take place in the fall. Hope to see your there.

During June, 30 individuals active at United at Faith will be completing the Natural Church Development (NCD) survey to discover our current strengths and weaknesses. These surveys take the pulse of the congregation. This will be our fourth survey since starting the NCD process in 2008. As you recall, with each survey we celebrated marked increases in total wellness. The Church Health Team will take the results of this newest survey and focus on the lowest dimension of wellness. With our focus on our weakness, we are also able to raise all of our other dimensions of strength. Look for a report on the results of the June survey in the Fall newsletter.

Gift Testimony by Gretchen Quilllin

Service, May 11, 2014

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gretchen Quillin. I’m here to give a brief testimony about the gifts assessment seminars.

If you haven’t already attended a session, I highly encourage you to sign up for two reasons: yourself and your community.

The gifts seminars provide a free venue for some intriguing self-discovery, which I have found invaluable. You begin by learning your starting point and your change compass. Your answers determine which of six Biblical figures you are. I’m a Moses. Now, those of you who have gone to the seminars are nodding your heads, thinking, “Oh, she thinks she can do everything without anyone’s help, right?” Well, yes, actually! Until I read the Bible verses about Moses that are indicated in the book we used, I didn’t see the error in being that way. I thought I was self-sufficient and independent. I learned through reading about Moses in Exodus that sometimes the best way to be more productive is to involve other people who have other gifts and strengths. I may have a lot of commitment and wisdom, but without power, nothing will ever get done or improve. Now I know to involve other people to help me get things done.

One of the main parts of the seminars, though, is the gift discovery and related discussion. I’m going to warn you that you might end up having gifts that leave you thinking, what the heck? How can I use those in my personal life or here at church? I learned that some of my primary (or manifest) gifts are missionary, mercy, and hospitality. Personally, I think missionary is a tough gift to cultivate and use in a home-church setting and I’m still struggling with where that gift fits in here and in my personal life. But some of my other gifts are a little easier to translate. For example, I know now that the enjoyment I have for sending cards to people, whether it’s to keep in touch or to check in on someone recovering from an illness or surgery, is an example of my gift of Mercy.

The gifts assessment also helps you discover some of your secondary, or latent, gifts. These are the gifts you have, but you likely didn’t know it. They are also the gifts that you can develop further. I discovered that I have the latent gifts of leadership and giving. What a perfect combo for the Stewardship ministry director! Once I learned that these are my gifts, I have a lot more confidence in leading this team. Because these are both secondary—or latent—gifts, I also know that I have room to grow in both giving and leadership, and that my team and pastor will help me develop into a strong leader.

Knowing my gifts and discussing them in a small group setting has also given me a sense of uniqueness. I often fall into the “ask-someone-else” trap. I couldn’t see that I’m not just one of many capable people in this community who can do whatever task is at hand. I always wanted that person or people to ask someone else. I’m not a superhero. I can’t do everything. Well, now I know that people see that uniqueness in me. My gifts are shining through to others and now I can see them, too.

The second reason I think you should sign up for the gifts seminars is that you learn about the other people at UIF—your community! Some of the people in the session I attended were people I didn’t know at all or at least not as well as I thought I did. Now I know them AND their gifts. For instance, did you know that one of Carolyn Doughty’s gifts is prayer? I didn’t. Now I know that if I ask her to pray for me or someone else, she’ll do it relentlessly. Also, did you know that Mary Haas has the gift of craftsmanship? She can fix almost anything. That is a gift that I envy, and now I know I can ask her for advice on home repairs.

You’ll notice that none of the situations I mentioned are anything additional to what I was doing before I attended the gifts seminar. I know it’s been said, but I’ll say it again. This is about discovering your gifts and passions, not about getting you to do more stuff. The Gifts Team wants you to live your best self, and that means doing things that are meaningful to you: well suited to your interests, skills and talents.

So, you may ask, how do I sign up? The latest Saturday morning session started yesterday, but there’s still time for you to join in, and the Wednesday night session begins this week. Just contact Pam Marino or the office to ensure the leaders have a book ready for you. I hope you, too, can start living your best life. Thank you!

Gift Counseling to Begin!

Newsletter, May 2014

For those who have completed the Gifts Assessment seminar and have their results - Change Compass and Manifest and Latent Gifts - you are now ready to learn how your gifts can be put to use at United in Faith. Based on your gifts, skills and interests, you will explore ministries and committees with requirements that match your characteristics. You will evaluate your current work to see if it matches your characteristics. You will then have an opportunity to explore opportunities by contacting the leaders of areas of interest. Through this process we hope to have people doing things they are well suited for, making sure we aren't trying to put square pegs in round holes. Remember, God has given United in Faith everything it needs. We just need to uncover where it all is!

Gift Counseling will begin in June. Jane Schira is now taking appointments. You can reach Jane at 773-505-8204 or

Ready to Restart? Reboot your Life!

Newsletter, April 2014

Here it is how are those New Year's resolutions going for you? Do you still remember them? Or did you abandoned them already or perhaps not started them yet? Have you given up on even making resolutions? You have the same thoughts year after year - lose weight, go to church more regularly, buy less things, eat healthy. A recent article proposed looking at the New Year a different way - as a restart or reboot.

Ask yourself what you're good at, why you're doing what you're doing, and what you could be doing instead. Ask other people what you're good at and what's going on in the world that you can apply those skills to. Bring different perspectives into the conversation.

Sounds a lot like Gift Based Ministry, doesn't it? Here is how we can help you with that restart. United in Faith offers Gifts Assessment seminars to find out what your spiritual gifts are and what you might be good at. Once you know your gifts, through Gift Counseling, you can evaluate your current ministry work to see if it fits your gifts. If not, you have justification for leaving that work. You will also be matched to ministries where you can be applying your gifts. Then you can go explore those new areas.

Want to start your reboot? Gift s Assessment seminars will be offered after Easter on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. These seminars are open to everyone in the congregation who has not yet completed their Gifts Assessment. So plan to attend a seminar and stop feeling guilty about those other resolutions.

                Gift Assessment Seminars

                    Wednesday Evenings 7:00 PM                  May 14, 21, 28, June 4, 11

                    Saturday Mornings 10:00 AM                    May 10, 17, 24, 31, June 7

Sign up for one of these 5 week seminars on the clipboard at the table outside the sanctuary and then obtain the book, The 3 Colors of Ministry, either before the session starts from Jeanne in the church office or at the first session of the seminar.

Did you attend a seminar with Pastor Greg in 2012 and already have your personal results (Change Compass and Manifest and Latent Gifts)? You are encouraged to sign up for these new seminars which will cover the material in greater depth. If you wish to pass on this opportunity now, you can still report your results. See Pam Marino for a results reporting form.

Living life as your 'best self'

Newsletter, February 2014

An advice columnist was asked what she meant when she often spoke of a person living as a 'best self'. The response took the entire column for that day and began with 'it is when you like yourself.' A series of questions were provided for a self assessment including: do you honor your promises and commitments to yourself and others; do you forgive; do you take care of yourself; are you with people to whom you want to be kind, who reinforce your good choices; are you mindful of your flaws and demons.

In light of the effort to strengthen our Gift Based Ministry here at United in Faith, this part of the article stood out. You are living your 'best self' when you are getting the most out of your strengths and succumbing the least to your weakness; when you are doing things that are meaningful to you - well suited to your interests, skills and talents, and challenging enough to keep you humble.

Need some help identifying your 'best self'? Answer the invitation to attend a Gifts Assessment seminar and then find out how you can best apply your interests, skills and talents here at United in Faith...and we will try to keep you challenged. The next set of seminars will be offered after Easter. Meanwhile, need some additional advice? Take it to the Lord in prayer.


Newsletter, January 2014

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't."

- Richard Bach, American writer

Looks like being older and/or retired isn't an excuse. One can't retire from being God's hands, feet and voice in the world while we are still here on earth. Surely our energy levels aren't what they used to be. Physically we can't do the things we used to do. We just can't utilize our gifts in the same way anymore.

So maybe it's time to check out those gifts again. Maybe they have changed over the years - new ones may have developed. Maybe skills, abilities and interests also changed. All of these factors are taken into consideration when matching a person to the ministries here at United in Faith. Homebound or limited mobility? Perhaps being part of a prayer or phone ministry works for you. Or writing articles for the newsletter or publicity for local papers. Or perhaps you have other ideas. All of this is part of the gifts assessment and counseling process.

Come and explore when your invitation comes. Your work is not yet finished!

Am I Dreaming, or What??

Newsletter, December 2013

I come to church on Sundays for worship and to check in with my friends over some 'coffee and.' About every week or two I come to church for a meeting or to do some other church-related work. It is all very predictable. Now, I'm being asked all kinds of things! Am I committed to the health of the congregation; do I know my spiritual gifts from God; what makes United in Faith unique and how would I put that on a billboard; what is the direction of the church and what should it look like in 5 years? Yikes!

The Renewal Team, who now calls itself the Church Health Team, asked for this commitment to health. Well, who wouldn’t say yes to that? Who wants to be unhealthy? I don't think we are unhealthy. (But are we healthy?) What does this mean for me? Hmmm ... maybe I am kind of a couch potato at church, set on cruise control. I don't think my doctor would say a couch potato is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle involves some movement and exercise—taking those 10,000 steps a day, going to the gym to work out, running, stretching, dancing.

Is that the connection to the spiritual gift thing that the Renewal, er, Church Health Team, is pushing? If someone gives you a gift—like a nifty new kitchen appliance or a power tool for the workroom—the joy is in using it. If I don't know the gifts God gave me, I can't use them. Maybe, just maybe, using my gifts is what will take me from being a couch potato to a healthy lifestyle. Imagine what that would do for me and for United in Faith!

I’m excited to learn my gifts and start using them. But how do those questions from the Transition Team fit in? I'm happy with things the way they are. We just need a pastor; and the sooner the better! The Transition Team is working on a job description for a new pastor. Oh, wait, I get it. How many pastors would want to come to a church with couch potatoes on cruise control (speaking for myself only)? So here is our chance to dream—tell it how we want it. I haven't had to think this much since taking my ACTs in high school! But imagine the possibilities! It is not often we get to dream and be taken seriously. I am definitely dreaming, but don't pinch me; I'm getting into this stuff ... and off the couch. Bring it on!

Gifts Assessment Has Come to United in Faith!

Newsletter, December 2013

Twenty participants recently completed the Gifts Assessment seminars held in October for our leaders. Feedback has been very positive, noting the personal insight obtained and the opportunity to know classmates better. Here is what one participant had to say.

I recently completed a six week course here at United In Faith exploring what our spiritual gifts are and I really enjoyed it! I know you are probably thinking that you don't have six weeks to commit to anything at this point but let me tell you this investment in time will pay great dividends! You have gifts that God has given to you and some of you may know what those are and some of you may not. You might find out, as I did, that you have more gifts than you even knew about. I knew that I had the gift of music but I didn't know that I also had the gift of Artistic Creativity and the possibilities that come with that are amazing. Investing this time can help show you how you can use the gifts that God has given you to help further His ministry here on Earth!

In Christ,

Dave Quillin

In addition to discovering your gifts you will also discover how you experience God - as Creator, as Spirit and as Jesus. Will you be balanced in all three aspects or are one or two stronger? Your Change Compass will show you the direction of steps needed to become more balanced and effective in the kingdom of God.

Interested in knowing more? Additional Gifts Assessment seminars will be scheduled in 2014. Look for your invitation and sign up. All friends and members of United in Faith are expected to complete the seminar. Not only will we then be able to activate all the spiritual gifts for ministry at United in Faith but we will know the composite Change Compass of the congregation that will point us in the way of growth. Start dreaming about what United in Faith will look like then!

Have You Recommitted?

Newsletter, December 2013

The end of the year is almost here and that usually means New Year's resolutions are just around the corner. But the Church Health Team is asking you to end this year with a resolution - to commit yourself to the health of our congregation. Help United in Faith become as strong and as vibrant as we can be with your commitment to taking an active role in restoring our church’s health. That active role is yet to be defined, but one of the first efforts will be to discover the gifts within our congregation so we will know where to look for God's hands, feet, and voices.

If you have not yet signed up as part of a ministry, committee or other group or as an Individual, please sign up on the sheet in Fellowship Hall. Thank you for your vital role in the journey of United in Faith. If you have any questions, contact any member of the Church Health Team: Gary Constantino, Rich Guzik, Pam Marino, Gretchen Quillin, and Pastor White.

Happy Anniversary!

Read at church service, October 27,2013

This year marks the 15th year since the consolidation of 8 congregations to form United in Faith. An event called one of the top 5 religious stories of 1998 by The Lutheran magazine.

Or maybe I should say...Happy Birthday!...since for many of us, after painful labor pains, United in Faith was like a newborn child and we welcomed it with joy, hopes and dreams. This beautiful, accessible - un-church-like space - became our nursery...and God's workroom.

The 8 predecessor congregations had been in various stages of maintenance and survival mode - putting their energies into staying open from year to year. But our new church had a call to mission - reaching out to our serve rather than be be a new church on the NW side of be a leader in urban ministry.

Our vision was to be 'a community of united disciples offering gifts to the world that could be found no place else.' How audacious of us! We were a permission giving church - we cut through the bureaucracy of required discussions and approvals found in the structure of most congregations. Ministries were based on the passions of members. We kept traditional worship while adding contemporary, praise and contemplative alternatives. We became a Welcoming Congregation. We had a website. Our youth took mission trips and our VBS and SCS were thriving. Faith Development sponsored study opportunities for adults throughout the year. We hosted community groups - Scouts, Golden Diners, a food pantry, New Life for Old Bags, support groups. And, we celebrated....pig roasts, St Patrick's Day and Oktoberfest dinners, Christmas and Mardi Gras parties, Women's Spring luncheons.

Now as we look back on the last 5 years, the picture is not as rosy. Sure, we are still here - which to this day surprises some - and we still do many of the things I just cited...but the trend for membership and Sunday worship attendance has been stagnant if not downward. Work falls on a smaller group of dedicated people. Our income still does not cover our expenses.

Many changes occurred in these last 5 years - a year long deployment of our pastor to Afghanistan, an interim pastor, new interns, staffing changes, the call of our pastor to another congregation. Change brings with it uneasiness and fear and anger sometimes directed toward each other. Just as I - as I age - look into a mirror and see my mother's face - are we seeing glimpses of our predecessor churches here at United in Faith? Are we falling toward survival mode after reaching a plateau?

But just as change brings with it anxiety it also offers new opportunity.

A Renewal team was formed early in this last 5 year period. Renewal - new birth. A time to dream again...a time to shore up a congregation that has gotten a little too comfortable. The focus was on our Passionate Spirituality. Progress towards a healthier church was made as evidenced by surveys. Think about how you are different from 5 years ago and the impact it had on you. Have you changed? Why?...or more importantly...why not?

Recently the Renewal Team changed its name to the Church Health Team to more clearly relate its focus on our health as a congregation. That is, a thriving church that moves God's mission in the world forward. You were recently asked to commit to the health of the congregation - engaging yourself in the steps needed to bring our church to a healthy state - just like you take care of your own health. We will affirm that commitment today during our worship service.

We are moving toward Gift Based ministry where our God given spiritual gifts are discovered and put to use in appropriate ways. Our first set of seminars for Gifts Assessment are currently underway. Answer the call to be a part of this when your invitation arrives. Your church needs you! "We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us.' (Romans 12: 6)

A Transition Team has been formed to prepare for the calling of a new pastor. They are helping us come to terms with our history and to once again dream of what we want our congregation to be doing - now, in 5 years, in 10 years. Make your voice heard. Do some daydreaming!

Through it all we must remember that this is God's church, not our church, and God's timeline. The church doesn't need to come up with a mission. God's mission has a church. God has given us everything we need to carry out his mission - 'to be his hands, feet and voice in the world.' Our task is to recognize it and act on it - personally and corporately.

Happy Birthday United in Faith! May the good Lord bless us!

Gifts Assessment Is Coming to United in Faith

Newsletter, September 2013

At the congregational forum on the 5th Sunday of June, you heard that God gives each church everything it needs for its ministry. Natural Church Development (NCD), the process the Church Health (formally Renewal) Team has been using, calls it the 'all by itself' principle and is based on Mark 4:26-29, the parable of the sower and the seed. The seed is planted by the sower, but from the earth the fruit is produced 'by itself.' As Christians we know the fruit is a work of God. In giving each church everything it needs for its ministry, God has determined who should assume which ministries. Unfortunately we don't always know who the 'who' is. NCD works to 'release the divine growth forces by which God himself grows his church.' That is, the NCD process uncovers the gifts of each individual within the church and integrates them into the ministry of the church. It's the basis of gift-based ministry.

We have made several attempts during our 15 years to discover our gifts—LifeKeys and last year's Focused Living seminars. What has been lacking in most cases, is the deliberate deployment of the discovered gifts. The Church Health Team is committed to establishing the full lifecycle of the process and having it continue to be a basic part of our ministry.

As an individual, the discovery of your gifts can help you get out of a task that you aren't suited for (think...round peg in a square hole). How uncomfortable is that? Don't we all want the best match of our gifts to our work? Together with your gifts, abilities and interests, you can find a spot in our ministries/committees where you are most suited. Or perhaps your gifts might suggest a new ministry for UiF that would utilize your gifts. Or maybe you discover some gift you didn't know you have and want to explore it. Everyone will be involved. What a great gift we can give a new pastor—a congregation filled with gifts that are being actively used. A church operating 'all by itself.'

Plans are now being formulated for gifts assessment, and here is what you can look forward to. In the last quarter of 2013, leaders of the various committees and ministries will participate in a study of their spiritual gifts. During the first half of 2014, members of our groups will participate in the study. Also during this time, each ministry will be described—outlining the spiritual gifts, abilities and interests needed, along with the time commitment and length of an assignment and training that is available. When people have completed the study of their spiritual gifts, they will be invited to meet with a gifts counselor, who will have access to the ministry descriptions to determine where the gifts may best be used. Additional sessions of gifts assessment will be held during the last half of 2014 for anyone who had not yet participated.

About that seed planted by the sower ... its fate depends on the soil it is planted in. Will United in Faith be rich soil to allow that seed to sprout? Rich in terms of being open to change and the Word? Will you be rich soil, opening your heart and mind to discovering your God given gifts? Join us on this journey!

Gift Assessment Seminars for Leaders

To:United in Faith Leaders

From:Pam Marino, Ministry Coordinator, Gift Based Ministry

Date:September 2013

Subject:Gifts Assessment Seminars for Leaders

United in Faith is embarking on a very important part of our ministry - identifying and using the spiritual gifts within our congregation. We will be using the 3 Colors of Ministry resource from Natural Church Development. You may be familiar with this process from a seminar held in 2012. We are inviting the leaders of the congregation to these first scheduled seminars so that you are informed both of your gifts and the process and can perhaps lead the seminar later for your group. Even if you had attended the seminar last year, you are invited to attend again this year as the 6 sessions of this seminar will go into this resource in greater depth. Each of the 6 sessions will last from 1 - 2 hours.

The following seminars are currently scheduled and will occur over 6 weeks:

                    Seminar 1: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM starting October 2

                    Seminar 2: Wednesdays at 10:00 AM starting October 2

                    Seminar 3: Saturdays at 10:30 AM starting October 5

Please select a seminar that best fits your schedule, complete the registration slip below and place it in the Gift Based Ministry mailbox. You can obtain the book, The 3 Colors of Ministry, either before the session begins from Jeanne in the church office or at the first session of the seminar. There is no charge to you for the book.

If you attended the 2012 seminar, already have your personal results (Change Compass totals and Manifest and Latent Gifts), and do not plan to attend the seminar, please fill out the attached form, My Personal Results, and place in the appropriate envelope in the Gift Based Ministry mailbox. Gifts counseling will begin at a later date.

Gift Based Ministry is for everyone in the church. God has given each of us gifts to discover and use. Join us in the celebration and utilization of these gifts as his hands, feet and voice in the world!

If you have need additional information, please contact me at 773.763.0605 or or any member of the Church Health Team - Gary Constantino, Rich Guzik, Gretchen Quillin, and Pastor White.

-------------------------------------------------cut here---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: _________________________________________________ Phone #: _______________________

I will attend the following Gifts Assessment seminar:

____________ Seminar 1: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM starting October 2

____________ Seminar 2: Wednesdays at 10:00 AM starting October 2

____________ Seminar 3: Saturdays at 10:30 AM starting October 5

Return this reservation slip to the Gift Based Ministry mailbox.

You can print a 3 Colors of Ministry Personal Results form