Faith, Sexism, Justice study group

YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED: Faith, Sexism, Justice study group to come soon

From April 19 - May 31, please join us for a study group on “Faith, Sexism, & Justice” on Wednesdays at 10am or 7pm at United in Faith Lutheran Church, 6525 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL.

“Faith, Sexism, Justice: Conversations Toward a Social Statement” is a document inviting participation with questions and issues related to women and justice. It is structured in seven modules (one per week). You can order a printed copy from or call 800-638-3522. Cost is $4.00 per copy plus shipping.

You could also download it from:

If you cannot attend, you could still follow along with the modules (see below for a schedule) at home and send in your own feedback after you complete the response form at the back of the document. All responses must be received at the ELCA by the end of August 2017.

Week 1 (4/19/17): Why do we need to talk together?

Week 2 (4/26/17): What problems do women face, and what does justice require?

Week 3 (5/3/17): How is sexism personal, and how are we the body of Christ together?

Week 4 (5/10/17): What does economic sexism look like, and how can we seek equity for all?

Week 5 (5/17/17): How can we address violence against women and girls?

Week 6 (5/24/17): Why do words and images for God matter?

Week 7 (5/31/17): How do we challenge the misuse of Scripture against women and girls?

A limited number of copies of the document will be available from church. A sign up sheet is available in the narthex.