Bread For The World

Bread for the World Sunday is an opportunity for United in Faith to join with others — thousands of churches across the country — in living out God's vision of a world without hunger. Through our prayers for an end to hunger, letters, and phone calls to our nation's leaders, and financial support to Bread of the World, we can give bold witness to God's justice & mercy in the world. This year, Bread for the World Sunday is October 15. We at United in Faith will be celebrating Bread for the World Sunday by participating in an OFFERING OF LETTERS.

Nearly 800 MILLION PEOPLE in the world are STILL HUNGRY. In the United States, 1 in 6 children lives in a family that struggles with hunger. Nations around the world, including the United States, have agreed to work for an end to hunger and related goals by 2030. There is growing recognition among faith leaders, nongovernmental organizations, and business leaders that ending hunger and extreme poverty by 2030 is achievable.

In 2017, with the Offering of Letters, we are RAISING OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE to ask Congress to make funding decisions that put our country and the world on track to end hunger by 2030. Your messages to Congress will push legislators to make funding decisions that will support vital anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs and policies.

The Trump administration’s newest proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 includes deep cuts to domestic and international programs that serve poor and hungry people. The White House has sent Congress a list of programs to cut. The budget proposes:

 More than $1.7 TRILLION IN CUTS TO SAFETY-NET PROGRAMS including SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), Medicaid, and refundable tax credits for low-income working families.

 MORE THAN $190 BILLION IN CUTS TO SNAP, impacting millions of senior citizens, working families, and unemployed Americans.

 ELIMINATING FUNDING FOR FOOD FOR PEACE, which funds emergency food aid and development programs.

These budget cuts would make it nearly impossible to end hunger and extreme poverty.

You can make an impact.

Tell Congress to reject these cuts.

On Sunday, October 15th, the UiF Justice Team will give members of the UIF and our wider community an opportunity to help make a difference in ending hunger and poverty through the 2017 Offering of Letters campaign. It will take place during the Fellowship & Coffee Hour between services. There will be copies of letters available to sign. There will also be plain writing paper if you choose to express yourself in your own words to your elected officials. Bring your voters’ card to help verify who your elected officials are.

Sample Letter for Bread for the World Sunday Offering of Letters Campaign

Dear ______________(Elected Official)___________________,

The Trump administration's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal includes deep and disproportionate cuts to critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs. I am deeply opposed to such proposals that, if passed, would increase hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.

In the U.S., 1 in 8 families struggles to put food on the table. Cutting trillions of dollars over the next decade in funding to programs that help low-income households, such as SNAP and Medicaid, would jeopardize food security for millions of families.

Right now, 20 million people are at risk of starvation due to the extraordinary famines in South Sudan, northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. Recently, Congress allocated $1 billion in additional funding to address famine. The impact from famine will persist in the coming years, therefore it is crucial that the U.S. continue to be a leader in foreign assistance. But beyond saving countless lives, our own nation's security is benefited by alleviating suffering and decreasing poverty to create a more stable and prosperous world. These programs are critical to U.S. leadership in the world.

Cutting funding to programs that address economic development to impoverished families in the U.S. and abroad will increase hunger and hardship. As Congress works on the 2018 budget and spending bills, I urge you to reject cuts to lifesaving programs.


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