In March, United in Faith will be participating in REVEAL, an online survey that measures the spiritual growth of our church and can help illuminate how to lead our church in a healthy and strong direction. All active participants at UIF (age 18 and over) are highly encouraged to take this 107-question survey during the assessment period, March 11-March 26. The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete, and this link will be available from March 11-26 ( You go to this website on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You may need to download the Reveal for Church app, and you will “create an account” when you log in the first time. Each person will need to create their own account (even if using the same device). Each person surveyed also will get access to “Reveal for Me” individual discipleship materials – targeted toward topics that may be meaningful for you individually. It is very important that we have participation from EVERYONE on this Reveal for Church spiritual growth survey.

The survey is not available in a paper version. If you do not have access to a digital platform, computers will be available at church for your use on Sunday, March 18 & 25 between services (or other times by appointment). There will be members on hand to help you navigate the online survey. Our goal is to obtain results that reflect the voice of our entire congregation. Your input will provide feedback to UIF as to what’s helping you grow spiritually, what else you may need, and what might be getting in the way. When the results are gathered, our consultant, Rev. Dave Daubert (who has worked with us before), will help the Church Health Team map out a journey toward ongoing holistic church spiritual transformation. Feel free to ask questions to the Church Health Team: Nancy Ciecko, Rich Guzik, Jeff Jewell, Pam Marino, Kerry Montes, & Pastor Carla.

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