Emergency Contact Information

On the first Sunday in January we had to call the paramedics because one of our members fainted during the service. Fortunately we had a relative’s contact number and were able to contact her to let her know what happened. This incident has prompted us to request emergency contact information for all worshipers at United in Faith so that their friends/relatives can be notified of their medical emergency. The emergency contact information will not be shared with anyone, but will always be available in a sealed envelope in a folder on the office manager’s desk. If you are not comfortable completing the entire form, just complete the sections that you are comfortable with.

Below is an example of what we are looking for. At least three contacts are requested. It is important that you notify your emergency contacts that United in Faith has their contact information. You can put the information in a sealed envelope on the office manager’s desk with EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION on the outside of the envelope and your name. Be sure to sign the form. Blank forms will available at church. Your picture will be put on the outside of your envelope. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Example of Completed Form

You can print a blank Emergency Contact Information Form.

Community Concert - 12/30/2013