Twenty for Twenty

5 Down, 8 Planned, 7 to Go!

In 2018, United in Faith will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary as a congregation. The first worship service of United in Faith was on Easter Sunday 1998. As a way of honoring our anniversary and continuing to give back to the community that we have partnered with all along, we have planned to do twenty different community-related projects throughout the year surrounding our anniversary date. Because this is an ambitious undertaking, we have scheduled these 20For20’s from September 2017 through October 2018.

We seek to partner mostly with local organizations (in Portage Park, Dunning, Jefferson Park, and the like) to bless the community and the organization. Because each organization has a different mission and purpose, each community project with look a little different. Usually we begin these conversations by asking a contact at a community organization,

“If we were to have 3-8 members and approximately $100 dedicated to blessing or helping your organization, how could that best serve you and your mission?”

There are so many opportunities to bless those around us – sometimes this happens informally in our lives, sometimes this happens with pre-planning. Our hope is that members of United in Faith will be inspired to participate in these 20For20 as a way of ministering to the community around us. At this point, we have either implemented or scheduled thirteen of twenty 20For20 projects. Want to keep count of how we are progressing? You can keep track of this list on the wall of the Fellowship Hall (these pages will be gathered into an archives scrapbook at the end of the year).


9/23/17 – Lifesource Blood Drive at UIF

10/8/17 – Reformation 500 Book Fair - @ Bethesda Home

11/4/17 – Veterans Salute – with Chicago Public Library, American Legion, and Portage Park Chamber of Commerce

11/28/17 - Jimmy John Fundraiser Two-Fer - benefiting NorthWest Side Housing Center and St. Cyprian’s volunteers

2/10/18 – Winter Farmers Market @ UIF with Faith In Place


  • Maryville Crisis Nursery – painting a hallway at the facility at Irving Park & Oak Park Ave – Terrie Miller, coordinator– date TBA (we’ll bring painting supplies – they provide the paint!)
  • Wright College – within week of May 7-12, 2018 – WCEOFF! - Wright College End of Finals Fiesta (taco bar) – lead unknown
  • Central Baptist Village – date & event TBA – Nancy Ciecko, lead
  • Refugee Family (LSSI) – Jeff Jewell has been contacted regarding possibly offering some assistance to a refugee family – stay tuned for more info.
  • Youth Outreach Services – event/date/lead unknown – contacted by pastor
  • Swoboda Deaf Center – event/date/lead unknown – contacted by pastor
  • Lydia Home – maybe – event/date/lead unknown
  • Portage Park Summer Farmers Market – event/date/lead unknown


The Big Question – what will the other seven 20For20’s be? Do you know of a local organization that we can help to support and bless through our small opportunities for community interaction? What other organizations do you think we should be involved with in the next year of 20For20 projects? What organizations serve our neighbors and support the community every day that we could partner with intentionally during 2018? What do you hope our congregation’s Twentieth Anniversary legacy will be as we look back from the future?

For more information, feel free to contact Pastor Carla, Nancy Ciecko, Katie Jewell, or Dave Quillin.

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